Brick by Brick – Unearthing 18th Century History

Eagle Scouts assisted Dr. Eugene Boesch in doing shovel tests at the Jay Estate. Their exploration revealed what appears to be a 17th or early 18th century dwelling.

200 Years Later: Siblings & Soirées

BY LANDY ERLICK While the Jay family's ancestral home in Rye was not deeded to Peter Augustus Jay until September of 1822, Peter and his family were already spending many of their summers at the country residence by 1814.  We have considerable…

Restoration Approaches the Final Threshold

BY LANDY ERLICK The Jay Ice House restoration process is well under way (to catch up, see The 3 R's: Restoration, Recovery, Revival). Last week, the doors were spliced, painted with a base coat, and safeguarded with borate crystals.  Now, the connecting…

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