Researching the World Tour of John Jay Ide and L. Gordon Hamerlsey

A 1926 scrapbook captures a world tour frozen in time with photos of the Pyramids and more

Ask an Archaeologist: Interview with Dr. Eugene Boesch

BY LANDY ERLICK  Dr. Eugene Boesch is an archaeology professor and anthropologist.  He specializes in PaleoIndian history and has conducted several digs here at the Jay Heritage Center. Here are his thoughts on his experiences, discoveries, and craftsmanship in Rye, across…

200 Years Later: Siblings & Soirées

BY LANDY ERLICK While the Jay family's ancestral home in Rye was not deeded to Peter Augustus Jay until September of 1822, Peter and his family were already spending many of their summers at the country residence by 1814.  We have considerable…

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