Researching the World Tour of John Jay Ide and L. Gordon Hamerlsey

A 1926 scrapbook captures a world tour frozen in time with photos of the Pyramids and more

Brick by Brick – Unearthing 18th Century History

Eagle Scouts assisted Dr. Eugene Boesch in doing shovel tests at the Jay Estate. Their exploration revealed what appears to be a 17th or early 18th century dwelling.

“This place … helped to nurture my passion for history”

BY SEAN CURRAN Over my time volunteering at the Jay Heritage Center, I have come to realize how much unique American history is contained within. Every time I arrive at the Center I am treated with a new adventure and…

Ask an Archaeologist: Interview with Dr. Eugene Boesch

BY LANDY ERLICK  Dr. Eugene Boesch is an archaeology professor and anthropologist.  He specializes in PaleoIndian history and has conducted several digs here at the Jay Heritage Center. Here are his thoughts on his experiences, discoveries, and craftsmanship in Rye, across…

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