Dr. J. C. Jay, Jr. and Observations About Cholera in Germany 1866

BY JACK ENGELĀ  Disease and threats to peace were constant worries in 18th and 19th century America and abroad. Not surprisingly, the health and well being of others is a uniting thread throughout the many Jay family letters in our…

Joseph Curtis and the NY Manumission Act of 1817

BY JEFF DETORO A story about anti-slavery advocacy that was documented by early American novelist Catharine Maria Sedgwick and how one man's service was further memorialized. In the JHC archives are three letters written to Peter Augustus Jay by Joseph…

Brick by Brick – Unearthing 18th Century History

Eagle Scouts assisted Dr. Eugene Boesch in doing shovel tests at the Jay Estate. Their exploration revealed what appears to be a 17th or early 18th century dwelling.

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